Competency Frameworks

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Created by Virendra Jain , Richa Sareen Gupta
Last updated Sat, 17-Feb-2024
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Course overview

How to achieve organizational benefits?

Our course provides many benefits related to organizational developing competency framework by aligning the employs value and their competencies, working on the same page without any dispute, creating a common level of performance and growth, having effective communication, giving roundly feedback, measuring the performance level of the employees, training and developing excellence, showing structured approach towards competencies and aligning them with the need of organization.

How to achieve Personal benefits?

We believe that personal benefits can be achieved by learning the ability of hiring and recruiting new candidates, working in collaboration and coordination in an organization, learning the art of building new policies and procedures for the business growth, participating in supervising and managing activities, identifying the issues and working on it effectively, keeping up with better communication and close analysis of employee performance along with motivating them time to time and giving them feedback of their performance by collecting data.

What ways can this course provide?

The course effectively provides the concept of competency, knowledge about how to collaborate with defining competencies of Key stakeholders like what all qualities a manager, and the employee must have and what an outstanding performance should be aimed for. Our course modules also provide a framework development with the scope and purpose of it along with the creativity of collecting data observing the performances of the employees analyzing and creating a team to build up such a framework along with our course also deals in training and development and supervising the staff time to time to manage the projects and consider the financial management. Our course extensively works upon revise and revisit of the competencies required along with implementing such framework, template designing and building up a real expert in this field in any organization.

What will i learn?

  • Learn and achieve organizational benefits along with personal benefits related to this course
  • Understand the concept of competency framework and its alignment along with the level of expertise required for the beginner intermediate and expert on the basis of this course
  • Learn the art of assessing and evaluating the performances of the employees effectively
  • Expert in identifying and filling up the competency gap in an organization
  • Become and become a master in strategizing the plans and making progress in career for the employees
  • Learn how to make an effective management process
  • Working system with internet connectivity
  • No prior experience or knowledge required
  • Any student, graduate, post-graduate, working and non-working professional can avail this course
Curriculum for this course
8 Lessons 04:05:38 Hours
Competency Frameworks Video 1
8 Lessons 04:05:38 Hours
  • Competency Framework lesson 1
  • Competency Frameworks Presentation - PDF
  • Job Family Matrix Creator - XLSX
  • IT Skill Matrix - XLSX
  • Appraisal Form - XLSX
  • TMA Competency - PDF
  • Ability6 Excel Template - XLSX
  • Competency Map - XLSX

Frequently asked question

Who should take up this course?
These courses are specially designed for HR leaders and managers along with HR personnel who are working at any level, managers in exports and HR departments, the consultants and any professionals who are involved in the hiring and recruiting process. Other than above mentioned any individual student or postgraduate student who wishes to get into this field can avail this course.
How is this course helpful?
The competency framework ensures that the individual performs better management skills and helps employees to enhance their performance and develop a great efficient working space. With great skills comes great developing powers hence with such knowledge one can develop a better management working atmosphere in an organization.
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