HR Budgeting

Unlock your full potential with our online course on HR budgeting which enables the learners to handle the budget and funds related to the HR system by way of hiring, salaries, benefits, training, engagement, session planning with the aim to prevent over hiring and understaffing.

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Created by Virendra Jain , Richa Sareen Gupta
Last updated Sat, 17-Feb-2024
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Course overview

Facing confusion is related to HR budgeting don’t worry or course will help you to overcome it all.

Our course focuses upon the learner's future by providing knowledge from budgets and strategies which are set to target and determine the capital expenditure in the specific field. Our course provides online certification upon completion of the course on HR budgeting and also gives efficacy in drafting salaries sales with the help of appropriate methods of budgeting. 

What is the payment method to the scale involved in the course?

Our cost provides an efficient way to create a wage scale based upon the learners organization size, number of employees and complexity level the organization handles. Being expert eyes are learners in linking the salary ranges according to the rules and levels and helping them to incorporate extra compensation and payment method in to their salary scale.

What will i learn?

  • Learn to build and implement a strategic salary scale which helps the organization and fulfill its needs and goals
  • Learn to allocate funds for the purpose of hiring, salaries, benefits, training, planning of the employees
  • Master yourself and skills which are eligible for promotion salary hikes and high-paying opportunities in the world
  • Get exposure in the employment world in the global market
  • Become an expert in one of the most competitive job markets
  • Internet connectivity
  • Basic Knowledge of Excel
  • Any MBA student, graduate, non-MBA student, graduate, post-graduate, working and non-working professional can avail this course
Curriculum for this course
3 Lessons 03:37:22 Hours
HR Budgeting Video 1
1 Lessons 02:00:43 Hours
  • HR Budgeting lesson 1
HR Budgeting Video 2
2 Lessons 01:36:39 Hours
  • HR Budgeting lesson 2
  • HR Budgeting Presentation - PDF

Frequently asked question

Who can join for this course ?
This course is beneficial for any MBA students, graduate or any post graduate or managers, partners, professionals of any level in human resource department or non-human resource personals or any business leaders, start-up owners or any intrapreneur.
What are the major features that Skill deck one is offering?
We are offering a global skill set, comprehensive curriculum, knowledge delivery by domain exports and hundred percent practical learning.
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