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Come one step closer to your career growth with our online course on human resource generalist where we enhance the best people for the job with certification on enhancing your skills on human resource functions with the idea to generate HR professionals who are good at making fast career progression in today’s competitive job market.

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Created by Virendra Jain , Richa Sareen Gupta
Last updated Sat, 17-Feb-2024
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Course overview

What course module do we offer?

We offer this certification course with seven modules and each giving information related to HR bases, retention management and recruitment process, compensation and benefits related to employee, policies and procedures related to human resource, HR operation and engagement, Advance excel experience involving by pivot table and chart, data validation, mail merge. 

Does an HR generalist course offer laws related to labour?

Yes, we believe in developing a full-fledged human resource person/professional hence in order to achieve such knowledge our course also provides a labour code involving handling of compliance of labour law, provisions related to labour law, legislation that works on the framework of labour law, industrial relations and implications of such codes.

What will i learn?

  • Master yourself with human resource basics policies and procedures operations and engagement
  • Up skill your XL activities by making pivot table and chart, sort and sub-total, data validation and mail merge
  • Learn the implications of labour law code, compliances related to labour law, legislation and provisions related to labour law
  • Upgrade yourself with compensation and benefits given to the employees, wages and wage policies along with procedures and practices in relation to employee, pre-and post payroll reports
  • Upgrade yourself with manpower planning, recruitment process including corporate and consultancy, sourcing and selection of candidate and retention management
  • Internet connectivity
  • No prior experience or knowledge required
  • Any HR Professional, HR Leader, HR Manager, entrepreneurs, and any interested professional can take this course
Curriculum for this course
14 Lessons 09:10:26 Hours
HR Generalist Video 1
3 Lessons 01:26:01 Hours
  • HR Generalist lesson 1
  • Boolean Builder Sheet - XLSX
  • Tools & Sites For Recruitment - XLSX
HR Generalist Video 2
2 Lessons 02:09:12 Hours
  • HR Generalist lesson 2
  • Creating and Executing Effective HR Policies - PDF
HR Generalist Video 3
3 Lessons 01:59:47 Hours
  • HR Generalist lesson 3
  • Employee Onboarding & Engagement - PDF
  • Template Buddy Playbook - PDF
HR Generalist Video 4
2 Lessons 01:28:00 Hours
  • HR Generalist lesson 4
  • IT Recruiter Mind Maps - PDF
HR Generalist Video 5
1 Lessons 01:27:19 Hours
  • HR Generalist lesson 5
HR Generalist Video 6
3 Lessons 00:40:07 Hours
  • HR Generalist lesson 6
  • Recruitment Dashboard - XLSX
  • LR Data - XLSX

Frequently asked question

What is the difference between an HR generalist and HR Specialist?
As the name suggests, HR generalists handle all the aspects of HR including the recruitment and hiring process, administration, payroll, and any other operations which are related to human resources. Whereas a HR specialist specializes in only one specific area of human resource such as for example either in employment or in recruitment process or in labour or in training definition and development.
What kind of functions does the HR generalist is responsible for?
The HR generalist is responsible for conducting day to day functions of an organization which include hiring process, interviewing process, administering benefits, looking into the policies and practices of the organization.
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