Human Resource Management (HRM)

Unleash your true potential, Become an HRM Expert with our course which motivates managers HR professionals to aspire and excel in their workplace with human resource management skills and engagement.

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Created by Virendra Jain , Richa Sareen Gupta
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Course overview

Do you want to excel in HR Management join us to achieve.

Learning the latest trends to stay updated and ahead with human resource management fundamentals, frameworks, and templates. The course is designed in such a way that motivates any manager or HR professionals or even the graduates, postgraduate to work in any circumstances, any organization and achieve excellence and excel in this particular field with talent management. This course offers HR recruitment process, metrics, retention process, performance management, relationships and Engagement between employer and employee, communication skills, compensation in relation to bands structure and grades.


What module do we offer in this course.

In this course we have provided end to end solutions of HR management with our effective16 module. The course will firstly cover the introduction part of the HR risk management which shall include the concepts, the role, the benefits, the evaluating system and the classification of such risk. Further the course shall deal with identifying and analyzing the risk along with managing and evaluating risk management system with human capital risk involved. Other than management risk management this course will also deal in developing HR metrics, evaluating HR management process along with practices involved in it which means reviewing, assessing and measuring the process. The course also includes audits and models, PMS and appraisals, HR operations, manpower planning and lastly the new labor code with set of rules constitutional provisions legislation with respect to labourers employees etc

What will i learn?

  • Learn the strategies of getting into entry-level HR jobs, better salaries, job hunting process and other pathways to excel in this career.
  • Learn the management of HR risk by managing, evaluating, identifying and analyzing the risk management system.
  • Understand the concept of human capital risk along with cyber security, compliance and regulation with ethics and conduct.
  • Understand the concept of developing a chain of metrics, evaluating the process and practices involved in HR management.
  • Learn the HR audits and models by developing essential elements related to internal audits and control activities.
  • Master your skills by understanding the sources of HR desk as well as HR operations.
  • Get knowledge of the new labour code involved in this HR management system with the aim and framework of legislation, constitutional provisions, wage codes and others related to labour.
  • Reliable Internet access ( so our learner does not face hindrance in learning process )
  • No prior Experience – Any student, graduate or working professional can take up the course
  • Learner’s Time – we value your time and patience
  • Aim to elevate in career
Curriculum for this course
16 Lessons 05:50:15 Hours
HRM Video 1
5 Lessons 01:47:58 Hours
  • HRM lesson 1
  • OKR Tracker - XLSX
  • PMS Presentation - PDF
  • 50 Folds OKR Team Manager - XLSX
  • Strategy Map Scorecard Template - XLSX
HRM Video 2
6 Lessons 02:14:03 Hours
  • HRM lesson 2
  • BSC Template - PDF
  • Appraisal Form - XLSX
  • 360 Degree - XLSX
  • Boolean Builder Sheet - XLSX
  • Tools & Sites For Recruitment - XLSX
HRM Video 3
5 Lessons 01:48:14 Hours
  • HRM lesson 3
  • Skip Level Meeting - PDF
  • Employee Engagement Survey Format - XLSX
  • LR Data - XLSX
  • Compensation Survey Rosetta Stone - XLSX

Frequently asked question

How can I get started with human resource management?
Our course provides step-by-step understanding of complete human resource management field, and there are many other options which you may launch in your career if you want to excel in human resource management field which includes education, constant reading, experience, certification.
What are HR entry-level jobs I can apply for?
There are many HR entry-level jobs with different requirements and duties, it depends upon the candidate's interest and skill that in which field the candidate want to excel however we can provide you some entry level jobs examples for your help which are human resource assistant, staffing coordinator, payroll admin, training assistant etc.
What strategies can we rely upon if I want to get into an entry-level HR position?
The strategies one should rely upon is having experience in the field if the candidate is not a fresher. In case, the candidate is fresher make sure that you learn about business, take a certification course and grow your network to perform well in this field.
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