Indian Labour Law & Statutory Compliances

This course is created with the aim to make our learners more knowledgeable in the field of labour law system by covering the aspects of labour management and manpower in relation to statutory compliances and legal provisions in organizations like factories and other entities.

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Created by Virendra Jain , Richa Sareen Gupta
Last updated Mon, 29-Apr-2024
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Course overview

Not aware of India Labour Law ? 

This course will provide effective knowledge on Indian labour law system by involving inside of factories act 1948, minimum wages act 1948, payment of wages act 1936, equal Re numeration act 1976, employees State insurance act 1948, employees Provident fund and miscellaneous provisions act 1952, payment of bonus act 1965, payment of gratuity act 1972, employees compensation act 1923, contract labour regulation and abolition act 1970, maternity benefit act 1961, the child labour Prohibition and regulation act 1986, the industrial employment standing orders act 1946, the industrial dispute act 1947, the trade union act 1926, the labour laws exemption from furnishing returns and maintaining registers by certain establishments act 1988, employment exchange compulsory notification of vacancies act 1959, apprentice act 1961, shops and establishment act depending upon state to state and lastly the audit under labour legislations. 

Can an HR person also be liable for this course?

It is our duty to make our learners understand by our course that this course is not only designed for lawyers and advocates but also for our human resource professionals, start-ups, entrepreneurs and any other who comes under the ambit of this act. Our course will make our learners understand that laws like PF ESIC minimum wages gratuity state and central labour laws are for everyone and HR professionals can also for better running of their management organization look up for the course.

What is the objective of this course?

The objective of this course is to understand the overall aspects of labour law which are applicable in every organization. The objective is also to make our learners competent enough to deal with legal issues, compliances and risk happening in their organization.

What will i learn?

  • Attain good hold on subjects like PF, ESIC, minimum wages, bonus, gratuity, state and Central laws
  • Learn about acts related to factory, employee, wages, child labour, contract, employment etc
  • Learn the aspects of labour laws applicable in any organization
  • Learn to deal with legal issues in an organization
  • Internet connectivity
  • Any student, graduate, post-graduate, working and non-working professional can avail this course
  • No prior experience or knowledge required
Curriculum for this course
19 Lessons 13:59:37 Hours
Indian Labour Law Video 1
1 Lessons 02:44:53 Hours
  • Indian Labour Law lesson 1
Indian Labour Law Video 2
1 Lessons 02:32:53 Hours
  • Indian Labour Law lesson 2
Indian Labour Law Video 3
1 Lessons 02:49:59 Hours
  • Indian Labour Law lesson 3
Indian Labour Law Video 4
1 Lessons 02:12:21 Hours
  • Indian Labour Law lesson 4
Indian Labour Law Video 5
1 Lessons 02:04:49 Hours
  • Indian Labour Law lesson 5
Indian Labour Law Video 6
1 Lessons 01:34:42 Hours
  • Indian Labour Law lesson 6
Resource Materials
13 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • Compliances - XLSX
  • Updated Labour Laws of India - PPT
  • Contract Labour Central Rules - PDF
  • Payment of Wages Act - PDF
  • Karnataka Factory Rules 1969 - PDF
  • Annual Returns User Manual - PDF
  • ESIC Presentation - PPT
  • PF Presentation - PPT
  • PMS Presentation - PDF
  • New ERC 2.0 - XLSX
  • EPF Damage Calculation - XLSX
  • ESIC Code - XLSX
  • Process Flow ECR 2.0 - PDF

Frequently asked question

I am a working professional. How can I enroll myself in this course?
We are offering a live online course, in case you are unable or unavailable at that very time. We are happy to provide you with a recorded lecture of the same course which you can study at your own time availability.
Does this course offer a simple understanding of the act related to this area?
We believe in offering simple yet effective knowledge. Our course has been designed in such a way by domain experts that it covers step-by-step topics with better understanding.
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