KRA/KPI Frameworks

We innovate the Learning process with more competitive skills involved in the KRA & KPI course offered by us. Experience Interactive learning of Developing & implementing the KRA/KPI with the aim to achieve successful progress towards the demanded organizational goal.

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Created by Virendra Jain , Richa Sareen Gupta
Last updated Sat, 17-Feb-2024
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Course overview

Understand the terms KRA and KPI. 

This Course offers best understanding and dealing with developing and implementing ideas for KPI  which stands for key performance indicators as well as for KRA which stands for key results area. Both the fundamentals are very important in an organization as it helps an organization to understand and define the measure of successful progress towards the needs and demands of the organizational goals. 

 What to grab from this course?

Our course offers 7 modules wise sections involved for the topic the KPI and KRA basic differences along with definition, their success stories, their business by measuring their performance and development indicators. Course also helps the learners to understand how we set up the operation of KPI along with the fundamentals to cascade down the KPI for next level. I am audios also explain the defining term of performance management and performance appraisal and linking the term KPI to the performance appraisal and bonus or salary increment calculation

What will i learn?

  • Learn the Way of setting operations of KPI
  • Learn the concept developing and implementing of KPI and KRA
  • Learn the difference between performance management and performance appraisal
  • Understand how linking performance and aligning with respect to performance appraisal, bonus, salary, increment calculation works
  • Develop awareness among the organization and contributing towards the organization for the progress.
  • Working system with internet connectivity
  • No prior experience or knowledge required
  • Time and patience
Curriculum for this course
9 Lessons 02:41:30 Hours
KRA KPI Video 1
1 Lessons 01:22:22 Hours
  • KRA KPI lesson 1
KRA KPI Video 2
1 Lessons 01:19:08 Hours
  • KRA KPI lesson 2
Resource Materials
7 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • SWOT Analysis Template - PDF
  • KRA KPI Presentation - PDF
  • Employ Salary Increase Template - XLSX
  • Appraisal Form - XLSX
  • Examples of KRAs - WORD
  • TMA Competency - PDF
  • Strategy Map Scorecard Template - XLSX

Frequently asked question

Who is this course for ?
This course is specially designed for every individual who wants to achieve excellence in their organization at any level like business student, HR manager, business leaders, employed individual, start-up companies can avail this course.
What inclusive will this course will provide to me after being enrolled in it?
After the successful enrolment process and course completion the learner shall get the certificate, study material, recorded lecture and a brilliant chance to join our HR community.
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