Experience Interactive Learning with gateway to success with SAP HCM Course involving step by step Modules and topic wise configurations. Our course provides skills of monitoring and managing the entire Human Resources Operations in a nutshell.

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Created by Virendra Jain , Richa Sareen Gupta
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Course overview

What exactly does SAP HCM mean ?

The SAPFCM which means human capital management is also known as human resource management is one of the most demanding courses that helps in monitoring and managing the operations related to human resources. The course will include the operations like payroll recruitment and termination process along with time administration performance of the employees in any of the organization. 

Is this course helpful and how?

With the demand of jobs in this world, this course will definitely help our learners with the objective to improve their workforce performances by planning, steam lining, and accurately monitoring the conduct.

Any prerequisites of this course training?

Yes, the course will provide knowledge of the businesses and its way of conduction in the field of human resources. It shall also enable good communication skills in the personality of the learner and most importantly any graduate, Post graduate or MBA person or any person with 1-2 years of HR experience can attend this course.

Done the course now what?

Experience vertical growth in one’s personality along with the opportunities in the workplace such as elevating oneself as team leader, project manager, program manager and many others. One can also see himself as getting involved in various functions related to SAP success factors.

What will i learn?

  • Learn with us the overall concept of SAP HCM, SAP HR and SAP ERP with our domain expert and experienced course buddy.
  • Learn and understand the step-by-step configuration along with the modules involved in the process of course.
  • Understand the concept of workplace well-being, credibility, Job availability.
  • Learn the concept of personal administration management based on organizational areas, the most important time management, the payroll process, reporting
  • Reliable Internet access
  • Any Graduate or Postgraduate can avail this course
  • Learner’s Time – we value your time and patience
  • More suitable for MBA candidate in HRM
Curriculum for this course
17 Lessons 20:08:03 Hours
SAP-HCM Video 1
1 Lessons 01:23:35 Hours
  • SAP HCM lesson 1
SAP-HCM Video 2
1 Lessons 01:08:52 Hours
  • SAP HCM lesson 2
SAP-HCM Video 3
1 Lessons 01:21:30 Hours
  • SAP HCM lesson 3
SAP-HCM Video 4
1 Lessons 01:13:47 Hours
  • SAP HCM lesson 4
SAP-HCM Video 5
1 Lessons 01:05:55 Hours
  • SAP HCM lesson 5
SAP-HCM Video 6
1 Lessons 01:26:51 Hours
  • SAP HCM lesson 6
SAP-HCM Video 7
1 Lessons 01:16:02 Hours
  • SAP HCM lesson 7
SAP-HCM Video 8
1 Lessons 01:15:32 Hours
  • SAP HCM lesson 8
SAP-HCM Video 9
1 Lessons 01:51:03 Hours
  • SAP HCM lesson 9
SAP-HCM Video 10
1 Lessons 01:07:30 Hours
  • SAP HCM lesson 10
SAP-HCM Video 11
1 Lessons 01:04:23 Hours
  • SAP HCM lesson 11
SAP-HCM Video 12
1 Lessons 01:04:43 Hours
  • SAP HCM lesson 12
SAP-HCM Video 13
1 Lessons 01:08:38 Hours
  • SAP HCM lesson 13
SAP-HCM Video 14
1 Lessons 01:34:38 Hours
  • SAP HCM lesson 14
SAP-HCM Video 15
1 Lessons 00:50:11 Hours
  • SAP HCM lesson 15
SAP-HCM Video 16
1 Lessons 01:14:53 Hours
  • SAP HCM lesson 16
Resource Materials
1 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • SAP HCM Resources - ZIP

Frequently asked question

Who can enroll themselves in this course?
Any SAP consultants, MBA in HR, person with HR domain, any business analyst, project team members can look up for this course other than that any graduate, post graduate or any person who wants to build his career in HR department.
What is total duration of this course and time ?
The total duration of this course is 30+ hour.
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