Train the Trainer (TTT)

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Created by Virendra Jain , Richa Sareen Gupta
Last updated Sat, 17-Feb-2024
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Course overview

From where to start this session?

The course provides step by step indulgence of the trainer right from welcoming meeting, facilitation, methods and ideas to take up, the needs of assessment, ways of auditing, goals and objectives and lastly the logistics part.

What do we provide in this course?

The Trainer from this course may capture experiential learning cycles involving the session objectives, the outcomes of training the activities which the trainer should experience or have already experienced, retention the process of generalizing and applying along with training of candidate, group development, understanding the fundamentals of dynamics, processes and functions.

 Communication skills play an important role in this course?

The Course will provide the Trainer with advanced communication skills with the methods of communicating, sending and receiving information and details, art of listening and understanding.

How will this course help the Trainer to improve their facilitation skills?

This course will help the trainers to improve his skills by paraphrasing his statements with a good, positive & polite way of speaking, summarizing his words, throwing proper questions upon his juniors and lastly being gentle with verbal & nonverbal Communication.

What will i learn?

  • Learn the concept to empower the skills and potential of the Trainer in every field
  • “Master” yourself in this systematic and leadership world
  • Motivate your students with good communication skills and trainers to attract the students to engage with the course content in a positive manner
  • Get leadership quality to lead the team and assist the company to generate more practical work
  • Reliable Internet access
  • No prior Experience – Any student, graduate or working professional can take up the course
  • Learner’s Time – we value your time and patience
Curriculum for this course
3 Lessons 06:44:56 Hours
TTT Video 1
1 Lessons 02:37:45 Hours
  • TTT - lesson 1
TTT Video 2
1 Lessons 02:57:50 Hours
  • TTT - lesson 2
TTT Video 3
1 Lessons 01:09:21 Hours
  • TTT - lesson 3

Frequently asked question

What makes a trainer exceptional?
An exceptional trainer should be a flexible and creative person, such an individual should have good communication skills, a way of understanding the subject matter, a good lesson now, an organized being and also an encouraging person.
What are the major important elements of training the trainer?
The main elements are as follows: · Enriched in the knowledge · Ability to impress the trainers · Problem-solving attitude · Deal with stress management · Reduce negativity
How is this course effective?
Our course body provides the best training experience with knowledge virtually and structured courses for better understanding and engaging oneself. Our cost provides all the basic and specific information as well as assistance related to the topic which would help in enhancing the skills with high level of energy and positivity by our domain expert course buddy.
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