US IT Recruitment

Discover the concept of US IT recruitment along with its process, types of Visas and Employment Taxes. Enhance your understanding with the Boolean Search & X Ray, Contracts Templates plus the terms like CPT, OPT EAD, STEM EAD, L2 EAD, H4EAD, GC EAD AND E3D EAD and be ready to grab a seat & attracts jobs.

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Created by Virendra Jain , Richa Sareen Gupta
Last updated Sat, 17-Feb-2024
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Course overview

 Didn’t get placed, join us we will help you.

This course provides best field for any professional who wants to make a stand in this quick facing world. This course also helps the learner to get the chance of working with elite integrator, topmost companies, counselling, and top customers. 

 What your course buddy focus on?

The schools will provide you the best skills to perform well with excellence in the field of recruitment, assessment, management, sourcing along with better understanding in its process, types of Visas and Employment Taxes. Our course buddy will help the Learner with the Boolean Search & Xray, Contracts Templates plus the terms like CPT, OPT EAD, STEM EAD, L2 EAD, H4EAD, GC EAD AND E3D EAD

 What will be the learners take away from the course ?

 The course focus on building skillful talented and behavior-based interview hours who could hire great outcomes. By the end of this course the learners would have better understanding of recruitment process and shall be in a better position to find and appoint cost-effective candidates.

What will i learn?

  • Understanding the Recruitment fundamentals along with full time, consultants, contractors-based employment and basic necessities of job requirements.
  • How to identify cost effective candidate and understanding the selection process which includes resume reading, assessment of the candidate, telephonic interview, references and background check, preliminary screening and lastly the evaluation of the candidate.
  • Understanding the passive recruitment, use of social media for the recruitment process and good job search website information along with Wenders management.
  • Understanding US-IT recruitment process including staffing department, determining the functions, and working credibility of the different staff and departments and working well within the time zones and locations.
  • Understanding the concept of end-to-end recruitment process starting from analyses of job description sourcing interviewing assessing shortlisting reference check submissions interviews selection process on boarding of the candidate maintenance of the relationship and lastly position to be designated.
  • Understanding US system of recruitment process including training doubt clarification salary structure cost of living visas overview including GS, EAD permits.
  • Understanding the terms related to US tax CPT, OPT EAD, STEM EAD, L2 EAD, H4EAD, GC EAD AND E3D EAD
  • Reliable Internet Connection
  • No prior Experience or Knowledge required
  • Learner’s Persistence
Curriculum for this course
5 Lessons 02:49:05 Hours
US IT Recruitment Video 1
3 Lessons 01:28:49 Hours
  • US IT Recruitment lesson 1
  • Boolean Builder Sheet - XLSX
  • Tools & Sites For Recruitment - XLSX
US IT Recruitment Video 2
2 Lessons 01:20:16 Hours
  • US IT Recruitment lesson 2
  • US IT Recruitment Presentation - PDF

Frequently asked question

I want to know more about US-IT recruitment course whom shall I contact?
To know more about our course, you can contact as directly through a phone call (9945204647) or email. Our customer service team shall provide you detailed information regarding the course and shall further resolve your queries.
Why should I enroll myself in this program/course?
The US-IT recruitment course is now becoming a high demand job search in the industry. Getting an opportunity to work with the USIT recruitment department shall enhance your knowledge regarding the recruitment process and more important is your personality-vocab development. These are high-paid jobs with diverse field to experience.
As a recruiter on what all things one has to pay attention on social media?
One should keep in mind as a recruiter that he or she shall be only concerned with the jobs posted, creating or promoting the social brand and understanding that the content used all tools used for the specific reason need not be good to go after six months hence one has to be updated with their strategies in this fast moving world.
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